It is difficult to gauge the consistency to which assaults and rape happen because many of these occurrences go unreported. The fact of the matter is that yes they do consistently happen but there are techniques that give you a better chance of avoiding them. It is always best to ‘do your own time’, follow the range rules, and do not concern yourself with other’s business.

First and foremost, do not speak to the guards about it. This is frowned upon by other inmates and can get you in serious trouble. Every range has a representative, an inmate that is well respected, it’s best to try and resolve your issues through them.

Typically there are a set of rules posted on the range wall. If not, find the range rep and ask for the rules. The rules may include ‘shower after court’ or ‘no flushing the toilet after 10 pm’. Familiarize yourself with them and most importantly follow them to avoid problems.

A lockdown means that you have to stay in your cell at all times and you cannot access the common areas of the institution. Sometimes lockdowns last for days on end and they can occur at any time, without notice. It is important to keep reading materials and writing utensils in your cell in case a random lockdown occurs.

Do not borrow items, money, or drugs. Do not gamble. And do not rat on anybody. Do your own time, mind your own business. The inmates that run these rackets are dangerous and if you become indebted to them it may cause you serious harm. Moreover, the Correctional Officers/Guards try to catch these types of activities, so you could be in trouble with the inmates and the guards, which is not advantageous.

In Provincial jail, you can call collect to your loved ones anytime you are on the range. In the Federal system, you have to get numbers approved and finance your phone card. There are some politics around the phone as well. Other inmates can make a claim to them and you may need to ask permission. Talk to us and we’ll tell you exactly how to get this sorted out as quickly as possible.

In Provincial jail, your loved ones can come during visiting hours and you can speak to them through glass. In the Federal system, you can have touch visits with your loved ones but they will have to submit an application and book a time. There are complexities to the application and visitation that we can help with.

To generalize good behaviour matters. No violence, no drugs, and no gambling make your path to early release much more probable. This is one of the most complex components of incarceration but we know it well, contact us, we can help.