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    • Rapid
    • $125

    • We do not believe in long drawn out consultations that go around in circles and lead nowhere. Our no-nonsense, straight to the point approach ensures that we maximize efficiency. We will email you before the consultation to understand what challenges are most important to you so that we can focus on them immediately, no wasted time. We also include a recap email for your reference.

    • Family
    • $199

    • Our one-hour consultation is packed full of useful tips and knowledge. We take a deep dive into the various aspects of incarceration and how to prepare. We put a special focus on family and friends during this consultation, covering your visitation rights in great detail. With the priority on family, we encourage two of your loved ones to join us at no additional cost.

    • Best Value!
    • $350

    • Stop paying top dollar for advice from high priced lawyers and consultants. Frankly, much of the information isn’t accurate and certainly not worth what they charge. All you need is to spend a couple of hours with us because we touch on each and every important preparation topic. From intake, mother institutions, visitation, and parole it’s all covered in this consultation. And with the additional time, you can ask more of the questions that are most important to you.